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Vintage Photo Albums Dandelion Printed Surface Scrapbook 10 X 7 Inch with Scrapbooking Stickers for Gift,Wedding Guest Book

  • TOTALLY DO IT YOUSELF-The scrapbook come with vintage print with words our story on it, the 30 black pages are blank, so one can totally make it as he/she wish!
  • GOOD QUALITY BLACK PAPER – 30 Black Pages, we send 5pcs print corner stickers and 1 set scrapbook stickers by RANDOM color and style
  • BIG STORAGE SPACE – the scrapbook album measures about 10 X 7 Inch which can holds more photos and provide large space for someone to decor, to write!
  • HOLD KINDS OF PHOTO SIZE- The scrapbook can hold Photos 60-120 from 3 -7 Inches
  • Perfect personalized Gift for Special Day, such as Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father Day, Christmas, Baby Shower Gifts


The words our story on the cover tells lots to others before they open it! The vintage pattern is what make the item primary
If you want to make your gift meaningful, then it’s a wonderful idea to make a gift using this scrapbook album, for a special day with a special wish, it will turn to be a absolutely unique surprise to someone!
Records Book
This one can be the one to store when there are so many memories that you may want to keep, to store, to share with family mumblers, friends, you may want to diy a photo albums, pick the happy, joyful,unforgettable moments which recorded on photos, decor it with scrapbooking supplies you carefully selected, come with your innermost thoughts and feelings, let it be a wonderful and precious gift which worth collection!

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