WinterGoddess November 6, 2017

Antique Leather Journal with Double Straps, Polished Stone, and Parchment Paper (5.5

  • 5.5″x9″ Hand crafted genuine leather journal with double leather straps and polished stone
  • Sophisticated gift for journal-writers, scholars, travelers, and writers
  • Hand-sewn, unlined parchment paper (96 leaves = almost 200 pages)
  • Vintage leather cover with polished stone, gives this journal a classic and sophisticated look
  • Perfect gift for graduation, Christmas, long trips, or other special occasions

The Templar series journal combines a rich, Medieval leather cover design, the unadorned mystique of a polished stone mounted on the cover, and thick, hand-sewn parchment paper. Created to embody the travel-ready, rugged, and moderately adorned nature of the Knights Templar, this journal will take you back to a another time as you fill its pages with tales from your own crusades. As pilgrims traveled to the Holy Land following the first Crusade, vagabonds routinely killed and robbed their ranks. The Order of the Knights Templar was originally formed as a means to protect these travelers. But soon their ranks grew as did the mystique of their secret society. Simple and subtly adorned, this journal embodies the noble and timeless spirit of this society of traveling warriors. A true conversation piece, this genuine leather journal will provide both excellent visual appeal and extraordinary writing, sketching, and note-taking experiences as you fill its pages with your own adventures and musings. The texture and smell of parchment paper creates a unique and rich writing experience that will endure the test of time. And the look and feel of the hand crafted antique leather will only improve with time and use. Because our journals are made from real leather, each journal has a slightly different hue leather pattern. This ensures that each of our journals is truly a one-of-a-kind keepsake. Anticipate a long life for this journal even after you have filled its pages with your own tales, artwork, and history. Meaning “Traveler” in Latin, Viatori journals are crafted with your journeying in mind. Designed with old-world care, and embodying functional and creative elements from ages long past, we hope that our journals will help you capture and remember your wanderings with a little flair.

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